Joy: Working with Artists from Around the World


A friend who heard me speaking about the 87 remarkable artists who submitted so many beautiful illustrations for the contest on the Web site 99Designs said, “And knowing you, you want to find some way to use them all!”

It’s true, like many, I have a global heart—hopefully one that mirrors God’s heart for his world.  Just reading through the names of the artists whose work we want to use in a calendar for 2015 makes me glad.  Perhaps they will inspire you to pre-order product for our Kickstarter campaign—a way of crowd funding the reprinting of the Tales of the Kingdom trilogy.

Just look at the following names and the countries they represent:

January 2015: WidhiSaputro // Jakarta, Indonesia

February 2015: Zoltan Tobias // Szeged, Hungary

March 2015: David Lojaya // Lampung, Indonesia

April 2015: Lorraine Barreras // Nampa, Idaho

May 2015: Kovacs Katalin // BăileTușnad, Romania

June 2015: RoniYulianusNurak // Bandung, Indonesia

July 2015:Leo Leonardo // Manila, Philippines

August 2015: Milan Glozic // Kucevo, Serbia

September 2015: Irina Voloshina // Chisinau, Moldova

October 2015: ZhivkoZhelev // Plovdiv, Bulgaria

November 2015: Edi Jatmiko // Yogyakarta, Indonesia

December 2015: Gil Geolingo // Tagum, Davao del Norte, Philippines