Books authored by Karen Burton Mains

Tales of the Kingdom by Karen Mains

Tales of the Kingdom

An exciting series from best-selling authors David and Karen Mains, the gold-medallion award-winning Tales of the Kingdom offers fast-paced action and exciting storytelling with a enduring Christian message. Enjoy the beautiful, full-color illustrations as these classic allegories teach your kids the importance of trusting God as they unveils fundamental truths about good and evil. Action, intrigue, and danger follow Scarboy wherever he goes, especially in the Enchanted City, where the “imperfect” are cast away and orphans are enslaved. Scarboy manages to escape the evil enchanter to safety in Great Park, but has yet to confront his greatest fear—and he’ll need enormous courage to conquer it! This book is 95 pages of unforgettable stories in durable hardcover with 12 full-color, full-page illustrations from renowned artist Jack Stockman.

Tales of the Resistance by Karen Mains

Tales of the Resistance

An exciting series from best-selling authors David and Karen Mains, the gold-medallion, award-winning Tales of the Resistance offers readers fast-paced action and exciting storytelling with a Christian theme. You’ll enjoy the beautiful, full-color illustrations as well. The book, Tales of the Resistance, contains 12 stories about Hero’s participation in the underground taxi resistance against the evil Enchanter, challenger to the one True King. High drama unfolds as everywhere Hero turns there are suffering people in need of his help! You’ll meet Carny, Doubletalk, Sewer Rat #1, the Boiler Brat and the Most Beautiful Player of All. And you’ll feel the tension of Traffic Court and the Burning Place. Bost mostly, your readers will be reminded that God’s Kingdom is all around us, if we care to find it, and that the presence of the King dispels all darkness from our hearts and souls. This is the second book in a trilogy that is an exceptional set to give to your family and friends. 112 pages, hardcover with 12 full-color illustrations by Jack Stockman, and autographed by David and Karen Mains.

Tales of the Restoration by Karen Mains

Tales of the Restoration

An exciting series from award-winning authors David and Karen Mains, the Tales books offer fast-paced action and exciting storytelling with a Christian theme. You’ll enjoy the beautiful, full-color illustrations as well. In Tales of the Restoration, the long awaited conclusion in the Kingdom Tales trilogy, the one True King has broken the reign of the evil Enchanter and the restoration has begun. You’ll meet Grandma Vigilantes, the Girl with the Very Loud Outside Voice, along with beloved friends Little Child, the Princess Amanda, Hero, and others. Each character is learning how to find a special place in Bright City, to do a job no one else can do. This delightful resource will captivate both children and adults as they discover the hidden biblical truths within each story. 109 pages, hardcover, with 12 full-color illustrations by Diana Magnuson.

The God Hunt by Karen Mains

The God Hunt

Join award-winning author, Karen Mains, as she takes the journey to find the impact of God in the everyday. this eye-opening book offers deep insight into those seemingly ordinary moments when God intervenes in our lives with guidance, care and help.

Once you start the adventure you quickly realize that such moments happen more often than you think. You’ll be drawn into deeper communion with God as you tune in to the many ways he answers prayer, shows evidence of His love, helps you do His work in the world and “works all things together for good.”


Opening Our Hearts & Homes by Karen Mains

Opening Our Hearts & Homes

From the author of Open Heart, Open Home-the classic best-selling book on Christian hospitality-comes this one-of-a-kind Bible study guide for women that will inspire your small group to be truly hospitable. Opening Our Hearts and Homes by Karen Mains, with collaboration by Adele Calhoun, invites you to discover the heart of our hospitable God through enriching Scripture verses, brainstorming, role playing, situational problem solving, and more!

This womens Bible study topic offers hope for those less inclined to hospitality, as well as encouragement for more experienced hosts and hostesses to share their secrets and stories. It is a must for women’s Bible studies, mixed home fellowship groups, or adult Sunday school classes. Use it in tandem with the book Open Heart, Open Home.


Open Heart Open Home by Karen Mains

Open Heart, Open Home

In Open Heart, Open Home (over 500,000 copies in print) award-winning Karen Mains steps far beyond how-to-entertain you hints to explore the deeper concepts of Christian hospitality-the Biblical way to use your home and an open heart to care for others like God wants us to. Countless pastors have recommended this classic resource as the meaningful example of how the Holy Spirit ministers to and through us to make other people feel truly welcome and deeply wanted.

Comforting One Another by Karen Mains

Comforting One Another

Comforting One Another continues the autobiographical series and uses Michelangelo’s Pieta as a metaphor. I reference the personal pain caused by writing Lonely No More in order to construct a theology around the meaning of mercy, with pietas from art, literature, film, news photography, poetry and real life building pictures of how God’s love shows itself forth in the world. This is a book for those who are suffering and for those who want to hold them. I define a pieta as any person or group of people holding a broken body facing any death-like scenario. I think this book has helped others; it certainly allowed me to make sense of my own pain. This covers the age from 52-56.

Lonely No More by Karen Mains

Lonely No More

Lonely No More looks those lies finally in the eye and begins to deal with them honestly. “If my marriage is as perfect as I say it is, why am I so lonely?” “What are these dreams, these painful emotions, these attractions pointing to?” This book was extremely controversial in certain sections of ultra-conservative Christianity so I warn you, read it carefully. I stand behind every word, despite the controversy. It may even shake the ground beneath your feet. I will probably never write anything this well again. But I have certainly paid for the effort to be excellent, to be lovingly truthful, to want God. Covers age 45-52.

Making Sunday Special by Karen Mains

Making Sunday Special

In this insightful, encouraging, and delightful book, bestselling author Karen Mains challenges Christians to celebrate Sunday with a Sabbath heart—to make the Lord’s Day so special that its impact launches a weekly cycle of reflection and growing anticipation. Making Sunday Special will help you and your people restore the biblical “rhythm of the sacred” and then fall in love again and again with Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Sabbath.

The Fragile Curtain by Karen Mains

The Fragile Curtain

In the spring of 1980, Karen made a traveling survey of the refugee camps of the world. She went to interpret the pain and suffering of these people; instead they showed her the meaning of her own life—and of yours and mine.

There in the crowded refugee warehouses, Karen saw the beauty common to us all. The wonder of birth. the sacredness of words— “I love you,” “I’m sorry,” “I want you.” And the joy of a welcome home: the glad clamor of hello as a new group of refugees arrive at a camp, resurrected from death and despair to begin again.

The six-week journey became a pilgrimage through two worlds: the one of the camps and the thousands and the backyard world of home and family.


The Key To A Loving Heart by Karen Mains

Key to a Loving Heart

“Our heart is a habitation,” says Karen Mains. “There is a mansion in our souls for which we need to take intimate responsibility.” Unfortunately, because of sin, our hearts consist of “mean rooms, damp basements, narrow hallways, cramped spaces . . . The place God created to be open to the fresh wind of his Spirit, the dwelling he desires to occupy in order that it may be habitable to others, has become boarded. the windows are shuttered, the blinds drawn. Dust is accumulating. The doors have been padlocked.”

What is the key that will unlock a wide veranda here, a turret spiraling there, or a whole new wing of rooms? The key that opens the door to the locked rooms of our hearts is forgiveness. And that is what this book is all about . . .

Parenting Us by Karen Mains

Parenting Us

If God is our Father, how does He help us grow and mature as His children? David and Karen Mains explore the answer with you in the refreshing Bible study Parenting Us: How God Does It.

More than just a guide, this dynamic learning resource stands apart from other Bible studies because the exercises are creatively designed to involve the imagination and emotions as well as the intellect.You’ll explore God’s parenting methods in Scripture and learn about the enormous, healing strength that is available to the Christian who not only understands God as their Heavenly Parent but also lives and acts in the center of that truth.

Living, Loving, Leading by Karen Mains

Living, Loving, Leading

Living, Loving, Leading, offers a tangible, “seeable” model for encouraging your family’s spiritual development. Join David and Karen as they suggest some helpful, biblical ideas for raising the spiritual temperature of your home. Walk with them as they describe their own struggles and triumphs, and as they search for workable solutions to the crucial question, “How can we become the spiritual leaders of our family that God wants us to be?” Can you afford to wait any longer?

Friends And Strangers by Karen Mains

Friends & Strangers

Friends and Strangers chronicles the beginning of the journey into self-knowledge, a painful odyssey particular to the work of the middle years. This narrative focuses on the ages from 38-45. Each of us has hidden areas, lies we tell to ourselves that we don’t know we are telling. The work of the Holy Spirit is to continually bring us into truth. In this book I begin to look at truth through encounters with strangers, people I meet along the way, brought to me by God, who have rich gifts to give that shake my smug thinking. I am convinced that no encounter is casual, as each has the potential to move the ground beneath our feet, which is never as solid as we like to think.

Friends And Strangers by Karen Mains

With My Whole Heart: Disciplines for Strengthening the Inner Life

This book gives the contemporary Christian woman insight into how to face the complex personal, ethical, and spiritual choices that daily confront her. For her own growth and for her encouragement of others, she will find here a clear biblical call above a world of conflicting voices.

Friends And Strangers by Karen Mains

Sing Joyfully

This hymnal includes gospel songs, hymns, and praise choruses, as well as readings that complement the themes of the music. There are seven assorted indexes in the back to facilitate finding your favorite hymn or composer. The music is organized according to general categories. This collection of worship music includes the best-loved familiar hymns as well as favorite praise choruses.

Friends And Strangers by Karen Mains

Spiritual Leadership in the Home:
How to Make Jesus a Key Part of Your Family

Families–not only do they give us our greatest pleasures, they can give us our biggest headaches, too. And the difference between “pleasure” and “headache” is often found in the nitty-gritty land of “how-to.” That’s the territory Multnomah’s Family Enrichment Booklets were designed to provide a firm handle on issues vital to successful family living.

Friends And Strangers by Karen Mains

Abuse in the Family (Helping others in crisis)

A book on sexual abuse in the family. The book contains sections on dealing with questions abused often ask of counselors as well as some questions that adult victims often ask. It outlines ten steps of protection, ways to respond to the sexually abused child, helps for the mother of a child in an incestuous relationship, and outlines specific ways how the church can get involved in both child abuse prevention and ministry. The list on the warning signs is most succinct. It also includes some excellent lists and abstracts of bibliographic sources and agencies, as well as gives some good legal counsel.

Karen! Karen! by Karen Mains

Karen! Karen!:
One woman’s response to the whispers of God

Autobiographical- This book is the chronicle of one human’s spiritual renaissance, A colletion of turning points.

Friends And Strangers by Karen Mains

Child Sexual Abuse

Approximately one in five women has been sexually abused as a child. For too long survivors of child sexual abuse have lived in a suffocating darkness of silence. Now at last we are hearing their stories.

Maxine Hancock and Karen Mains have listened to and studied cases of hundreds of women around the world who have been wounded by childhood abuse. Weaving together these personal stories with current research, the authors discuss what constitutes child sexual abuse, the physical and emotional problems that often haunt women in their adult lives, and offer spiritual and emotional encouragement for the journey towards healing.

With updated statistics and resources, this book will prove to be an invaluable tool for survivors of abuse, as well as friends, lay counselors, and others who compassionately seek to understand and support women.

Friends And Strangers by Karen Mains

Soul Alert: Thriving Spiritually as Aliens and Strangers in the World

How do you thrive spiritually in a culture hostile to Christianity? Answer: By studying the lives of eight victorious heroes of the faith, men and women who lived on “soul alert,” even as aliens in foreign lands. Prize-winning author Karen Mains draws metaphors from the lives of contemporary immigrants and refugees to sharpen your understanding of the biblical truth that Christians are “aliens and strangers on earth.” In a post-Christian culture, she asserts, you can be more than just a survivor. You can join other believers who’ve learned to thrive spiritually and be a dynamic influence in our world.

Friends And Strangers by Karen Mains

IN HIS STEPS Questions and Study Materials

Our Favorite Verse by Karen Mains

Our Favorite Verse

Friends And Strangers by Karen Mains

Parenting: Questions Women Ask

Abba: How God Parents Us

Abba: How God Parents Us