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km-fb-photoOne of the habits I’ve developed through the years of my life is the habit of curiosity: the need to know, to learn, to discover and to understand have become compelling forces in my life. In my sixth decade, I feel as though, on the one hand, there is so much more to investigate, and on the other hand, that I am really beginning to “get it.” This is one of the many joys of the aging process.

All my adult life I have attempted to serve God (although I make no claims to always understanding what He is about) and to serve other people (and finding that the command to “love one another” is mostly beyond my capacities.) The habit of curiosity, however, about this human journey still propels my instincts. From time to time, I plan to post some of the things I have learned on this Web site, what still puzzles me, and how I seem to be eternally captured by the divine romance of it all–love for God, consideration for what is is still making me to be, tenderness for all of us who struggle with the meaning of our human condition, and enchantment toward this exquisitly created world.

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